Germany/France 2017, 109min HD  (in post production)

Director: Johanna Pauline Maier

Camera: Sarah Blum

Sound: Eric Aurégan

Producer: Martin Blankemeyer, François Xavier Frantz

Cast: Jana Klein, Liliane Rovère and Franck Beckmann, Pascal Bernier, Claudie Décultis, Charels Fage, Laurent Gauriat, Nirina Sievert, Rainer Sievert, Pierre Mignard, Valérie Moinet, Thomas Périno, Stéphane Schoukroun, Jutta Wernicke

A woman arrives in a foreign city – Paris. We see her meeting different people, and each time she changes into someone else, just like a chameleon turning another colour when it changes his environment. Here, she is a stranger, there, she becomes an old friend, the wife, the mother ... up to the moment, when she meets her own doppelganger. The film is the portrait of a woman, who fathoms a big city. And it is the portrait of a city and it’s inhabitants, who transform a woman.

For the last couple of years, I have been living both in Munich and in Paris. The film is inspired largely by the observations I made upon my first arrival at Paris. It was the time before such things happened like the attack on Charlie Hebdo. But already then, there was a strange and diffuse sense of fear in the air. Normally, people start looking for explanations for such feelings in their personal lives, and everyone I asked could name a good reason for being scared. Yet, the feeling of uneasiness, which I perceived everywhere, started to interest me.

When we finally shot the film, it was between real alarms, assaults in the city, heavily armed soldiers in public places, – just like in a war, – and again and again, false alarms in the metro and at the airports. People were afraid and felt danger lurking everywhere. Fear was less diffuse than before; danger was now evident. Still, I felt that these events were only like the dust particles that let water vapour turn into raindrops. Danger was visible, but it had been there before.

Fear is painful. Fear and anxiety are everyday subjects in the media, as if there were a hidden message. People attacked by fear tend to loose their dignity, their pride, their moral values and desires. When you are full of fear, you cannot love – all you can think of is yourself. Fear undermines and destroys many important human values. But on the other hand, there is no life without risks-­‐ fear-­‐ so the solution to the problem lies in the way you treat your fear. Is facing it better than avoiding it? The film is the story of a person, who goes through such a process -­‐ and experiences liberation.